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Telecommunications Services

YMI is an Engineering service company duly licensed by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to support the telecommunications industry with products and services of the highest international standard.

We provide these core business to business services in the telecommunications industry;

Construction Services

  • Civil Construction
  • Electrical Installation
  • Grounding System Installation and Testing
  • Tower Erection (Guyed and Self-supporting)
  • Shelter and Equipment Room Installation
  • Antenna & Cable Installation and Testing
  • Project Management
  • Site Acquisition
  • Design Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Permit & Utilities Coordination
  • Civil and Tower Inspections
  • RF Component Inspections
  • New Site Audits

Fiber Implementation and Maintenance

  • Fiber route technical Survey
  • Fiber network design
  • Bill of Quantity (BOQ) Estimations
  • Right of Way Acquisitions
  • As-Built Documentation Reports
  • Metro Civil Work Implementation
  • Backbone Civil Work Implementation
  • Aerial Civil Work Implementation
  • Fiber Cable Network Implementation
  • Fiber Cable Network testing and commissioning
  • Preventive and corrective Maintenance
  • Fault Identification and Rectification
  • FTTX Design and Network Implementation
  • Subscriber Installation / Last Mile installation
  • Service activation within residential, commercial and mixed-use premises
  • Fault Identification and Rectification

Network Implementation Services

  • Installation of Enterprise (Data Center)
  • Enterprise Upgrade/Solutions (Core network)
  • Network equipment i.e. Routers, Switches, MW Transmission and
  • Optical & Wireless Access Equipment
  • Base Station Equipment Installation Testing,
  • Commissioning and Swap
  • Repeater Installations
  • Digital Microwave Installation Testing and Commissioning
  • Transmission Equipment Installation Testing and Commissioning
  • AC & DC System Reliability Tests
  • Ground Resistance Testing
  • BER Tests
  • Interference Tests

Network Maintenance Services

  • Managed services, maintenance and operations
  • Personnel Outsourcing
  • NMC Alarm Monitoring and Supervision
  • Availability Reports
  • On – Site Maintenance Support Services
  • Preventive and Routine Maintenance of Base Station Sites
  • BTS Fault Identification and Rectification
  • Transmission Fault Identification and Rectification
  • Generator Maintenance
  • AC & DC System Maintenance
  • Public Power Utility Management
  • Site Grounds Maintenance
  • Fuel Supply to Sites
  • Civil and Road Repairs

Power & Site Monitoring Systems

  • AC & DC Power Systems Supply & Installation
  • Hybrid Power Systems Supply &Installation
  • Site Power Upgrades
  • Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Solar Systems
  • Solar Traffic and Street Light Solutions
  • Rural Solar Powered Telephony Solutions
  • Rural Solar Power Grid Solutions
  • Remote Site Monitoring Solutions

Network Design and Optimization Services

  • RF Planning & Surveys
  • Technical Site Surveys
  • MW LOS Planning & Surveys
  • Cluster Drive and Analysis (Pre and Post Implementation)
  • Benchmark Drive Tests and Analysis
  • SSV (Single Site Verification) Drive Tests and Analysis
  • Microwave Frequency Scanning
  • RF frequency Scanning
  • RF Optimization Analysis


Our quality management system serves as a solid foundation for delivery of clear cut solutions that meet your needs. YMI grows a methodical infrastructure systems ranging from the construction of roads to the erection of structures across the country, our end products encapsulates the desire to serve you and bring you our best quality.


YMI came into the Oil & Gas industry through the midstream sector and has since notched up a vibrant track record of performances in the engineering and technical services. Expansion has been in the downstream sector our affinity with reputable local and foreign oil and Gas service companies have yielded far reaching results.

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